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How To Drop a Size in a Week

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jan 28, 2016
How To Drop a Size in a Week

Are you trying to drop a size? We have two words for you: liquid diet. A short-term liquid diet gives your digestive system a needed break and balances out your health equilibrium.

We aren’t talking fruit shakes and detox waters- the magic in this diet is soup.  LA Nutritionists, Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella wrote a book, The Soup Cleanse, which enlightens us on how to blend soups and smoothies to kick start our metabolism and rid the body of toxins that cause weight gain.

According to the Blatteis and Vella, if you follow their diet plan for three days you’ll loose 3 lbs. Stick with it for five days- 5 lbs. lighter, and positively glowing with life by the weekend. This works by switching your normal meals to six different soups and smoothies spread throughout the day. They also say to, “avoid all caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, red meat, refined sugar, bread, artificial chemicals or processed foods if you can and aim to keep your lunch and dinner soups as varied as possible.”

Start your day with a glass of water, 450 ml, at room temp with a squeeze of lemon juice or a tbsp. of apple cider vinegar. Then sip a cup of hot bone broth- chicken or beef. On an empty stomach, the nutrients go straight into your bloodstream. Now you’re ready for your breakfast- a nut milk smoothie with berries (fresh or frozen). Your lunch soup should be broth based. There are a couple different options, spring greens, fresh fennel, miso broth or a classic broth with onions carrots and celery. There are a number of stir in’s that can make your broth richer and still follow the diet plan. Such as, shredded chicken, gluten free noodles, beans, avocados, pine nuts and so on. A couple hours later it’s time for your snack smoothie. Throw a cucumber, half a melon, a few seedless grapes and two tbsp. of coconut milk in a blender and you have just magically whipped up your afternoon snack. Next on the list is your dinner soup. Along the same lines as your lunch soup, except your dinner meal should contain either lentils or a starchy veggie to keep you satisfied.  If you are a dessert person you can treat yourself to a chocolate pudding soup.

This doesn’t sound too horrible of a diet.  With all the add-ins available you should be able to come up with some creative ideas to make your soup extra tasty. If you can’t go throughout the day on just a few soups and smoothies, there are a couple of other snacks that are allowed BUT only once a day. The lucky snacks are: a handful of almonds, a few squares of dark chocolate, one apple sliced with peanut butter, edamame beans, half a cantaloupe, or a hard-boiled egg.

Put in some work now and you will be amazed at the results. Good luck dieters!