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How to Make the Ultimate Flower Crown

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Mar 15, 2016
How to Make the Ultimate Flower Crown

Ultra is this weekend and the flower crown struggle is real. The foolproof way to make sure crown of flowers is the best in Miami is by making it yourself. You won’t have to worry about anybody having the same one as you, which is bound to happen at a huge festival like Ultra. It will also be ten times cuter than the girl standing next to you, who snagged hers from the Forever 21 check out bin.

Here’s what you need:

  • two or three types of flowers trimmed into 3-inch pieces
  • a type of filler, like baby’s breath, trimmed into 3-inch pieces
  • a pliable twine-covered wire (base of crown)
  • floral wire
  • green floral tape
  • sharp scissors

Step 1: Cut the twine to fit your head

Fit the pliable twine-covered wire around your head to get the fit that you want. It should be around 2 feet, but whatever is comfortable for you works. Add in a couple extra inches to be able to create two loops on the end.

Step 2: Create loops at the edges

Create two thumb-size loops at the end of both sides of the pliable twine. This will allow the crown to be adjustable in size when you are done. 

Step 3: Create flower clusters

Now, it’s time to group your flowers together. Create your first cluster by picking one of each type of flower and filler you are using. Arrange them to your liking.

Step 4: Tape your clusters together

To keep the cluster together, cut a 5-inch piece of floral tape and wrap it around the base of the flowers so that they are secure.

Step 5: Cluster on

Create 7-8 flower clusters. They can all be as different or uniform as you would like.

Step 6: Attach your flowers to the crown

Get your twine from step 1 and a flower cluster and wrap a single piece of floral wire around the base of the flower connecting it to the twine. Add as much wire as you need to make sure the clusters are secured tightly. Keep adding to the crown until all your clusters are attached.

Step 7: String it together

Cut off another piece of twine and slide it through the two loops at the edge. This allows you to adjust the sizing of the crown should you need.

Step 8: Enjoy your beautifully crafted flower crown!

Take pictures of it and post it all over your social media pages because you slayed this DIY.

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