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How Your Facial Expressions Affect Your Aging Process

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On May 23, 2016
How Your Facial Expressions Affect Your Aging Process

When Kim Kardashian said she doesn’t smile too much in photos because it causes wrinkles, it left many people in a state of confusion. However, it looks like she knew what she was talking about.

As it turns out, your infamous selfie face is an indication of how well you’ll age, or not. If you love to pout your lips for Instagram or serve a fierce duck face for Snapchat, it can contribute to unwanted skin issues and wrinkles.

So exactly which #selfiequeen are you?


You enjoy showing your pearly whites and brightening up someone’s day. But when you smile and contract, you use all of the muscles in your face, and as you age, the lines in your face will crumple. Also, seeing that the eye area of your face doesn’t have much muscle support, that area will see the most effect of smiling first.


Duck Face

Apparently, if you find yourself pouting in all your selfies, you can actually end up with smoker’s skin. Lines will be created above your lips which will result in smoker lines and wrinkles. Smoker lines occur based on the position of the lips when smoking.



We’ve heard it takes more energy to frown than smile, and if you’re someone who is constantly staring at a screen or deeply concentrating, you’re probably frowning a lot more than you think. Frowning can cause creases in the skin that if left untreated can be permanently etched into your skin.


Brow Raiser

You’ll notice that lines are formed in your forehead each time you raise your brows. If you do this often enough, those lines will form into wrinkles that will go with you into your older days.


Basically, the best way to remain looking youthful for a long time is to be mindful of your facial expressions. Kim Kardashian’s flawless face may not be only a result of her glam squad; it could very much mean she just doesn’t have many facial expressions.

Which expression do you have the most?

Cover Photo Credit: Shutterstock