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Huile de Palme

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Feb 06, 2014

Leonor Greyl’s Huile de Palme (palm oil) is an “oldie but a goodie” for hair. A staple in salons and high-end retailers, Leonor Greyl is known for its amazing reputation and results. This product is wholly natural, nothing but nourishing, and extremely beneficial to your locks without any foam-forming sulfates or chemicals.

This pre-shampoo treatment is perfect for dry, static winter hair, thin hair, or sun kissed hair. Its blend of botanical and vegetable oils work seamlessly to smooth and detangle dry hair prior to washing. Its waterproof composition and UVA/UVB filters also make it a great leave-in treatment prior to a beach or pool day.

I used it as a pre-shampoo treatment, but was concerned that it would weigh my hair down (it is 100% oil after all). At the same time, I was engulfed in its subtly sweet fragrance and almost did not want to wash it away. After shampooing, my hair felt significantly smoother and healthier—and the results lasted for days!

This product is a simple effective treatment, great for once weekly use.


How to Buy: http://www.leonorgreyl-usa.com/store/huile-de-palme/; $52

-Elena Schmidt; Naturally light, sunkissed Miamian, seeking to find my perfect shade