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Instant Slim with Shapewear

By Dr. Sharon McQuillan
Posted On Jul 22, 2014

BY Betsey McLain PHOTOGRAPH by Rebecca Donnelly

Think that liposuction is the key to the perfect body? You are not alone. A study from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has found that liposuction was the most common plastic surgery in 2013—with more than 300,000 procedures and $1 billion spent nationwide. At the same time, costs range from $5,000 to $10,000 for liposuction and $1,000 and up for non-invasive treatments. Who wants to experience that level of buyer’s remorse? Luckily, there’s an easy, pain-free way to get the sexy liposuction look at a fraction of the cost, with no risk of side effects. Is it a miracle? Indeed—a miracle called shapewear.

Gone are the days of uncomfortable, unflattering shapewear that rolls and bunches, creating everyone’s favorite “muffin top” rather than simply trimming your hips. The most recent entries into the market are cutting-edge, with super-lightweight, breathable fabrics and designs that create a smooth silhouette while hugging (and even enhancing) your curves.

Shapewear devotees frequently notice that they appear five to 15 pounds lighter. What’s more, certain fabrics are infused with microencapsulated caffeine, which is said to help reduce cellulite. They claim to make muscles work as you wear them by improving your circulation and increasing muscle stimulation. (While such claims are currently inconclusive, it’s a great concept, no?) Such a wide variety of choices allows you to zero in on specific body parts, or go for an allover sleek silhouette.

There is also a two-in-one option—outerwear that features built-in shapewear, such as pieces in the NUE by Shani line. “These dresses have an inner construction made of a compression fabric that’s specially woven with spun Lycra to comfortably shape and mold the body,”says founder Shani Grosz. Before scheduling that lipo, give shapewear a fair shake. You’ll be amazed at the instant gratification it offers.


What It Does: The Tankee Slip ($115, unbelieveabra. com) shaves off pounds in an instant. Also from Shapeez: The Shortee bra ($79, unbelievabra.com) for a smooth, slim silhouette.

How It Does It: Tankee: There’s extra support at the derrier and hip area, plus top-tier comfort. The Shortee: Moisture-wicking Cool-Tex Lycra and the absence of back bands or closures make it smooth and breathable.

Hourglass Angel

What It Does: The Powertech Hiphugger Slimmer Shorts ($54, hourglassangel.com) hide the hips and extra tummy. Meanwhile, the All- Inclusive Underwire Bodysuit ($84, hourglassangel.com) provides smooth control at the midsection and thigh.

How It Does It: The Hiphugger: It has extra gentle constricuton at the midsection—plus the natural effect of an unrestricted bra area. The Bodysuit: It gives focused attention at the midsection, plus extra-lift via underwire bra cups.

NUE by Shani

What It Does: This full-body line (prices vary, edressme .com) offers slim comfort. How It Does It: A woven inner compression fabric shapes and molds the body, plus it has precision darting and ruching. “The built-in shapewear is like Botox for the body,” says Grosz.