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Intrafusions Presents Oxygen For Healthy Skin

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Feb 27, 2014

Sun and cigarettes are two major offenders blamed for loose skin and unwanted wrinkles that become more apparent as we age—but they are not alone. Air pollution is another major opponent to the quest for younger looking skin. According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, the dust, pollen, soot, smoke and liquid droplet particles suspended in the air are all hazardous to healthy skin by causing oxidative stress that leads to skin spots (pigmentation) and premature skin aging.

Even my best skincare products and anti-aging creams do not address the issue of oxidation that is vital for healthy skin. I was excited to try Intrafusions 02 Concentrate, because unlike most anti-aging serums, it is devoted to delivering pure and stabilized oxygen to fight the effects of air pollution on the skin. This medical grade supplement is so concentrated that a simple drop is enough to create younger looking skin that will revive the entire face.

While I do not suffer from overly sensitive or damaged skin, I am a living, breathing woman who must face the overabundance of toxins in the environment. I enjoy using this product as a preventative measure to ensure that I maintain beautiful, healthy skin year-round. The formula is light-weight, void of messy oils, and goes on with a clean and smooth, cooling effect. It does not interfere with my beauty regime, but simply compliments it with what my skin needs for optimal renewal.


Pros: delivers pure oxygen, smooth formula, anti-inflammatory

Cons: single purpose so it must be combined with other skin care products


-Elena Schmidt, naturally light, sun kissed Miamian, seeking to find my perfect shade.