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Jane Seymour’s Timeless Beauty Secrets Revealed

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Feb 08, 2016
Jane Seymour’s Timeless Beauty Secrets Revealed

The effortless, veteran actress Jane Seymour recently spoke with New You about her organic lifestyle, skincare regimen, and daily workout routine on the red carpet at this year’s 24th Annual Movieguide Awards.

When asked how she maintains a glowing, youthful appearance, Seymour responded, “I workout but not excessively, I eat healthy but I also grow most of my foods in the garden.” A DIY type of woman indeed, she also tends to her very own hair and makeup needs. A commonly known practice in the world of Hollywood to get a nip tuck here and there, the British- American star jokingly admits that she, “still has her own face.”

The best beauty advice for all makeup lovers pertaining to bags underneath the eyes, “if it’s bleu you put a little orange there to camouflage it. I think it’s an artist thing because you learn the opposite color takes the bleu out,” she said. Also if you’re wondering what her go-to secret skincare product is (drum roll please…) it is “Crepe Erase!”

The most important takeaway we received from our one-on-one with the mega superstar is understanding the first key to natural and healthy beauty starts with being happy in the skin that you’re in.

It was a pleasure to speak with a woman whose undeniable talent matches her authenticity. From one millennial to the next, it’s safe to admit we should all take notes and possibly adopt a few of the lifestyle habits of Ms. Jane Seymour. Check out the full interview below!