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Jojoba: The Skin Perfecting Oil

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Jun 05, 2014

The Path to Smooth Skin Perfection

I am fortunate to have (mostly) clear skin, but in last week’s blog I admitted to my self-inflicted dry skin issues. I am generally unkind to my face by wearing too much makeup—and failing to always properly remove it with high quality products. As a result, I experience periods of dry, peeling skin.

In a recent article I wrote on the beauty and healing power of oils, Dr. Kenneth Mark advised that his favorite carrier oil (fatty oil extracted from the seed, nut, or kernel of a vegetable) is Jojoba. Quite simply, jojoba’s unique effectiveness comes from the fact that it most closely resembles human sebum and is rich in vitamin E (considered the most important oil soluble antioxidant and free radical scavenger that protects cell structure and improves the appearance of dry skin).

With that in mind, I was excited to try 3Lab’s Perfect Cleansing Scrub. This cleanser doesn’t irritate the skin like many other harsh products because of its amazing lineup of ingredients: pure jojoba beads, chamomile extract, and a hint of citrus essential oil. The jojoba beads softly exfoliate the dead skin, and the cleanser produces light foam as it is massaged into the skin.

I have used this scrub once weekly for the past month and it is a great addition to my skin care routine. I try to wash, moisturize and apply serum daily, but if I fall off the wagon by forgetting to take proper care of my skin, 3Lab’s Perfect Cleansing Scrub provides instant revival. After each use, my face feels silky smooth. The best part? A dime-sized portion covers my entire face.


Pros: It is light, smells great, and produces fast results.

Cons: At 3.4 ounces, it is a small portion but well worth the purchase.


HOW TO BUY: Available for purchase at skinstore.com


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– Elena Schmidt, Naturally light sun kissed Miamian seeking to find my perfect shade.