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Was Kendall and Gigi’s Hair Swap an Ad?

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Mar 30, 2016
Was Kendall and Gigi’s Hair Swap an Ad?


Earlier this month we watched Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid strut their stuff at Paris Fashion Week in… each other’s stuff?

The two model pals switched hair colors at the Balmain fall/winter show causing everyone to freak out. Kendall rocked platinum blonde hair full of body while Gigi sported a flat brunette do. With no damage done, we now know how #KenGi were able to switch it up so effortlessly.

What better way to strut the Balmain runway than in a Balmain wig?

To our surprise, Balmain Hair Couture has actually been around since the ‘70s. They already offer everything from clip-in and tape in hair extensions, high-end brushes, and various hair care products, but now with hair extensions being more in-demand than ever, the iconic wigs will be joining the line-up.

So, the Kendall/Gigi swap was just a way to get people talking. Smooth move.

The expanded line of extensions will be available to buy later this year, so now you and your bestie could channel your inner KenGi.

In an interview with Business of Fashion, Balmain Hair’s CEO Steward Guliker said, “Changing your lips from purple to red, that’s nice and you can get a reaction. But changing your hair — it’s a shock effect. That’s what people like to do and be noticed.”

Dibs on Gigi’s brunette!

Comment below you and your bestie’s “ship-name,” we’d love to hear them!


Cover/Feature Photo Credit: Splashnews