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Kim Kardashian’s Extreme Beauty Fairy Tale

By Julie Fink
Posted On Nov 02, 2015
Kim Kardashian’s Extreme Beauty Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful and alluring maiden from Calabasas, California who harnessed many powerful wizards to make her more beautiful than even she could have imagined. Each year she grew, the wizards would come up with different ways for her skin to look younger, her lips to look fuller and even her butt to look more bootylicious. I was able to stumble upon her spell book of beauty secrets where I found one ingredient to be particularly interesting. The snail.

Now let’s get down to some snail details. Recently, Dr. Harold Lancer, a world renowned dermatologist and skin care god to the stars, became inspired by the growing trend in his clients by creating an anti-aging product specifically for the neck and chest. This chest firming serum is made out of snail venom. From Kardashian to Beckham, stars are eating up this product proclaiming it their new beauty ‘must have’.

According to Dr. Lancer, the firming concentrate’s Marine Cone Snail Venom will significantly reduce the appearance lines, chest wrinkles and creped skin texture, while its ‘acid-free exfoliating blend’ helps plump the skin.

In a recent article, the doctor explains, “Because of this, I sought to provide a topical solution that my patients could add in to their daily skin care regimen that would care for the unique structure and needs of the area. Thus, Contour Décolleté was born.”

Kim Kardashian’s Extreme Beauty Fairy Tale

New You is all about the snail hype too. Snail facials are one of the most non-invasive, reparative and effective treatments in the world. ‘Snail slime’ is made up of a complex structure of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin which leave your skin looking smoother and softer. The extract of the snail slime is nature’s way of protecting snails from UV rays, cuts and bacteria and contains properties that, as a facial, moisturizes and repairs tissue damage from acne and scarring. Wow!

As far as our little garden buddy the snail goes, hail to the slime!

Photo Credit: Splash News