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Kylie Jenner’s Hair Color Can Teach Brands About Crowdsourcing

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Mar 04, 2016
Kylie Jenner’s Hair Color Can Teach Brands About Crowdsourcing

Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, there’s no denying that they know what they are doing when it comes to promoting themselves and their brands.


When it comes to their hair, the Jenner sisters had a big week. Yesterday, Kendall Jenner unveiled blonde locks at the Balmain fashion show. The internet went nuts and the story has been trending for over 24 hours.

Kendall Jenner Blonde Hair New You
TGB / Warner / Splash News

Earlier this week, little sister Kylie Jenner turned to her 14.6 million Twitter followers to ask what color she should dye her hair. She had such an influx of responses that she created a Twitter poll, resulting in almost 150,000 votes in 24 hours.


There’s no denying that the Kardashian clan knows how to use social media to build a following and gain attention for products. They’ve done this on many occasions, from promoting their mobile games to hair extensions, and their reality show, whatever they put their touch on, blows up on the internet.


The youngest Kardashian member, Kylie, is a social media maven. With her 14.6 million Twitter followers, 53.2 million Instagram followers, over 11 million Facebook likes, and millions of Snapchat followers, she’s the queen of product promotion and self-promotion. She recently broke the record for the most-viewed Snapchat account.


The 18-year-old has close to 80 million followers across her social media accounts. That’s 80 million eyeballs on each and every post she uploads. That’s 80 million eyes on a single product.


Although her social posts may be silly at times, she can teach brands a lot about the power of Crowdsourcing. Brands should consider following in her footsteps. It’s a great way to connect with and engage audiences. Everyone should take a page out of Kylie’s book.

Picture by: Image Press / Splash News