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Landry Bender talks glowing skin and summer fun

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Jul 20, 2017
Landry Bender talks glowing skin and summer fun

So many young, fresh stars came out to support bareMinerals new foundation launch in LA this past week that New You was able to get the latest on all the trends in makeup and beauty for all ages. Amongst the stars was Landry Bender of the Netflix hit, Fuller House. She gave us all her favorite tips on makeup, health, and what we can expect from her in the future.


Makeup being the topic at hand, Landry told us what she likes to wear both on and off set. “I’m someone that loves something very natural, especially when I’m on set I feel like it’s always very heavy under the lights so in my every day, I like to be very natural. Plus, I’m only 16 so I want it all to be very natural and very easy and light.”


When she is feeling a little creative and adventurous, Landry likes to play with one of the summer’s trendiest products. “I just love highlight! I love being super glowy. I love blush. I love anything cream. Glowy and creamy – love that!”


If she’s not working, Landry enjoys a favorite pastime of many California’s. “I love going on hikes. That’s something that’s been really fun this summer. I go with my friends and my family and it’s something that’s really fun to do. I feel like it’s like you’re getting a work out but you don’t feel like you’re getting a workout because of the scenery and you’re having fun with people you love so I love doing that.”


As far as what’s coming up on the busy teens’ agenda, there’s plenty coming up for her summer. “I’ve been working on Fuller House season three so that’s been really fun. I can’t wait for people to see that. It’s been a fun experience. Hopefully going to the beach a little bit! Work and fun, mixing both of those!”