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Latest Hair Trends for 2021

By Contributor
Posted On Jan 04, 2021
Latest Hair Trends for 2021

by Jeannette Maya

Our friend, Jeannette Maya at @cutting2thechase on Instagram bring us the latest hair trends for 2021 are already making waves in the streets and on the runway.

The BOB – Classic timeless cut. Choppy bob, textured bob, layered bob, asymmetrical bob and even the LOB (that’s a Long Bob).

One style I’m super excited for is BANGS! You will be seeing curtain bangs, sweep bangs and short baby bangs textured and blunt. Perfect way to hide those forehead frown lines.

The Pixie has come back as a short hair DO!

Afro – the bigger the better. Love your natural hair if you’ve been given that gift.

Also, the female mullet and shag will be seen on the runway. Some celebrities are already rocking a modern day mullet (as long as the men’s mullet doesn’t return we should be ok).

While covering your face with masks, make your hair your fashion statement. That DIOR gloss that’s your signature shade you always wear will go unnoticed. What will you try with your hair in 2021?