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The Latest Skin Smoothing Science

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 23, 2014

The dermatology biz has finally found a series of effective antidotes for cellulite, archnemesis to every modern beachgoer. Take a look at the latest in skin smoothing science.

For many women, the notion of bathing suit season incites anything from mild insecurity to widespread panic. After all, cellulite affects up to 90 percent of women, 71 percent of whom report embarrassment over its appearance. (Could it be that the other 19 percent are lying?)

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no direct association between obesity and cellulite. It affects women of all shapes and sizes, doesn’t go away with exercise, and is often made more obvious when someone loses weight. Cellulite’s orange peel or mattress-like appearance comes from a medical condition affecting the deep dermal tissue and superficial subcutaneous tissue. Impaired circulation, inflammation, and the build up of cellular toxins cause fat cells to become swollen and trapped in the fibrous connective tissue bands within this tissue layer. This creates the dimpled appearance that all women have come to dread.

Millions of dollars and decades spent on lotions, potions, and various treatments have yielded disappointing results in the condition’s abatement. Modest improvements in the “appearance” of cellulite, for example, fail to correct the structural abnormalities that cause the dimpling. Today, however, a group of minimally invasive devices have emerged that show real and lasting improvement, often in one single treatment. (Remember: There’s a steep learning curve in the offering of these treatments, and physicians agree that it’s best to be certain your provider has clinical experience.)

Cellulaze™, produced by Cynosure…


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