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7 Fast Beauty Hacks

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Dec 13, 2020
7 Fast Beauty Hacks

There is a lazy girl in all of us, even if we seem to have it together most of the time. Forty-hour weeks and house cleaning sessions leave us exhausted. Not to mention, all the things that come along with maintaining a healthy beauty routine. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Don’t worry beauty queens, New You is here to solve your beauty problems the easy way!

Here are your lazy girl beauty hacks!

Bedside Makeup Remover

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to always take your makeup off before bed. This concept seems SO simple, yet on more occasions than one, we wake up with our mascara smudged onto our cheeks. To break this nasty habit, all you have to do is leave a pack of makeup remover wipes on your nightstand. So that when you “don’t feel like getting up to take off your makeup” you don’t have to! Problem solved.


Hide Your Grown Out Manicure

You know when your manicure starts growing out and you can blatantly see your nail. Most of us working gals don’t have time during the week to head to the salon for a fill. Instead, you can put glitter at the base of your nail to hide the glaring gap. This will create a cute glitter ombre so you will be cute and trendy!

Mascara= Liquid Eyeliner

Those mascara tubes never seem to run out, while we are replacing our liquid eyeliners every two weeks. If push comes to shove and you run out of liquid eyeliner you can get by by using a dab of mascara. Until you have the time (and the money) to head to Sephora (because we all know you can’t just buy one thing there).

Easy Root Touch Up

Roots growing in but you don’t have the time for a touch-up? Fake it till you make it! Tease your roots a little bit and create a new part. Change your middle part to a side part and you will barely see your discolored roots! Ta da!

Sleepy Time Foot Repair

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Are your feet cracked or callused-up? Sometimes a good ol’ pedicure doesn’t always do the trick. Instead, you can do a repair while you’re sleeping! Apply peppermint moisturizer or Vaseline to your feet, put on some comfy socks, and fall fast asleep. It’s as simple as that to wake up with soft, smooth, summer-ready feet!

Lipstick Fix

You just bought your favorite lipstick and you accidentally break it (womp womp). Instead of sulking and going to buy another one- you can fix it at home! Use a lighter to heat up the part that’s still in the tube, then press the broken end back on top. Heat up the seam with your lighter to make a seal. Next, let the lipstick cool in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes. Voila! You are right back to having a brand new lippie to make boys cry with.

Corn Starch Matte

Matte polish has been a big trend lately. Where the heck is all this matte polish coming from? You can’t find it at the drugstore and your nail place doesn’t have it either. So what are you going to do… make your own! Add corn starch to clear polish and you will have yourself a nice little matte topcoat. Trendy af!