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To Lemon Scrub

By Bianca Pastor
Posted On Aug 18, 2013

I was immediately excited about giving Ava Body Sugar Lemon Scrub a try. Who doesn’t want the benefits of soft, hydrated skin provided by a citrusy, aromatic body scrub? The product comes in a white, plastic, easy-to-open tub. Upon opening, the sweet and citrusy aroma of lemon and sugar immediately hit my nose in the most pleasant way. The texture was grainier than coarse; not as rough as some other body scrubs I’ve tried. The sugar grains are fine to medium sized, just enough to be effective without being painful. The formula never irritated my skin, even when I used it over freshly shaved areas – a nice surprise!

After using the scrub, my skin felt incredibly soft and moist after leaving the shower. I didn’t even feel the need for my usual post shower lotioning. Overall, I’d call this product a shower must-have item.

Pros: Great Scent, Gentle, No Irritation, Moisturizing
Cons: Gone too quickly!

–  Spontaneous and outgoing, seeking an end to my perpetually oily skin.