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By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 30, 2016

Beverly Hills 9012 actress, Lindsay Price, tells NEW YOU that she put on high heels and lipstick for the Airbnb Open Spotlight event in Los Angeles last night. What brought her out to the event? “Lady Gaga and Maroon 9 and staying past nine o’clock without the kids for a girl’s night out,” she laughed. The actress’ bright red lipstick was Giorgio Armani China Red. Her other beauty tip was SK moisturizing face masks. On keeping healthy, Price had the following advice. “No matter how nerdy you feel, wear a hat, and lots of sunscreen. Protect yourself for the future.” When asked whether she takes daily supplements, the actress said she used to but her husband, celebrity chef Curtis Stone, has encouraged her and their children to eat the food. They grow their own vegetables and try to eat healthy natural foods daily. The family recently stayed in an Airbnb in her old neighborhood in The Village in New York. “It was a beautiful home and had everything I needed,” said the actress. “I am hooked!”