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Lip Service

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Apr 12, 2017
Lip Service

Lusciously plump and colorful lips can turn any woman into a goddess. Learn which products and methods create lips that hearken back to your “spin-the-bottle” days.

By: Elena Schmidt

Every time our lip muscles contract—be it from puckering, pouting, or smoking—the skin surrounding them contracts. “Look at any smoker in their fifties or sixties, and compare them to a non-smoker of the same age… The contrast is undeniable,” says Dr. David Shafer, New York City double board certified plastic surgeon and chief medical technology officer of Aquavit Pharmaceuticals. Such habits, along with genetics and inevitable wear-and-tear, cause a marked difference in appearance. “As we age, the lips lose volume, the

muscle and skin weakens, the overlying skin wrinkles, and the shape changes,” Dr. Shafer notes. Hope is not lost, however, according to Julie Macklowe, founder and CEO of Vbeauté. “This is why we create products to smooth and minimize the appearance of fine lip lines,” she says.

1. Lip Maintenance

A weekly scrub, especially during winter months, is vital for eliminating dry, dead skin and unearthing the supple lips below. Cracked lips are unflattering at any age, and are particularly unsightly as our lips thin and wrinkle. Each week, take a little time to scrub your smile smooth. “It’s very beneficial to exfoliate your lips, especially before using products that are comprised of healthy ingredients, as this will help the ingredients better absorb into the skin and work more effectively,” says Macklowe. ”I sometimes use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate the lips. It really works.”

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A. Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant ($16, tartecosmetics.com)

B. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish ($22.50, fresh.com)

C. Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub ($18, blissworld.com)


2. Tender Loving Care

Consistent use of anti-aging lip products help diminish the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth by adding nutrients and much-needed hydration. More and more brands are creating products containing antioxidants including resveratrol, retinol, and essential oils. “These are excellent products for skin rejuvenation,” says Shafer. ”But one must remember that for any effect, the products need to be used over a long period of time. Oxidative stress on the body is a continuing process, so any antioxidative treatment should also be a continuing process.”

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D.  It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Hydrating Sheer Lipstick Trio ($36, qvc.com)

E. Laura Geller Color Enriched Anti-Aging Lipstick ($21, laurageller.com)

F. Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick ($24, sephora.com)


3. Pucker Poof

For those of us not quite ready to inject our kissers with collagen, plumping glosses are a quick fix for withering lips. Ingredients vary, but popular spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne create the appearance of volume by temporarily inflaming the lips. A slight tingling or burning sensation may occur, as the gloss works to plump up the volume. But hey, is beauty not pain? “There are also topical hyaluronic acid products, which cause temporary swelling of the lips or skin,” says Shafer.

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G.  La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection á Porter ($150, shoplaprairie.com)

H. Vapour Elixir Plumping Gloss ($22, rodales.com)

I. Cargo Essential Lip Color ($22, cargocosmetics.com)