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Living the Dream with Vanessa Lachey

By Julie Fink
Posted On Feb 09, 2016
Living the Dream with Vanessa Lachey

It’s what every 30-something hopes, wishes, prays and works towards since they were little girls dressed in mama’s pearls … and Vanessa Lachey is living it. The 35-year old television personality is married to her dream guy, the multi-talented Nick Lachey, has two beautiful and healthy children – son, Camden (3) and daughter, Brooklyn (1) – and has landed her dream job as co-star of a sitcom on NBC.

I had the pleasure of speaking with super mom Vanessa Lachey on family life, roadblocks, beauty tips, her inner goofball role of Tracy on “Truth be Told” and her recent collaboration with Puffs. This media queen is someone to look up to if you are gunning for a career in front of the cameras.  More importantly, her character and conviction is something to emulate if you want to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Puff Type
Why is the partnership with Puffs important to you?IMGVanessa

I personally like to align myself with projects that put family first and encourage that because for me that is what makes my world go round: my kids, my husband, my closest friends. Proctor and Gamble does that. They put family first and in this campaign, they encourage families to get out and not let a cold and flu slow you down.  And I want to be a part of that.

I know it’s kinda simple to say, ‘hey guys’ don’t feel like you need to hibernate indoors for months,’ but we forget and we need a little encouragement. With Puffs Plus Lotion, it’s pop it in your bag to go, keep it around your house and don’t let the sniffles or a cough get you down. You can go out there with these symptoms and still do things with your kids and enjoy these moments. It’s so cliché but you only have them once and before you know it, you blink and they’re gone and these moments are gone.

What is one thing you do as part of your beauty routine to maintain your flawless skin?

I don’t know that you can actually pinpoint something specifically. I think that’s what the problem has been because everyone is wanting a quick fix. I think a routine with a consistency is going to give you that overall look.

I just went to a girls dinner with four of my girlfriends, two of them are pregnant so it was a super mellow night. But somehow we ended up talking until one in the morning. So I got home at 1:45 am and the alarm goes off at 6:15 a.m. and I’m completely exhausted.

I’m like ‘Don’t slack Vanessa, get in the bathroom … wash your face, take off your eye makeup with your eye makeup remover, put on your moisturizer!’

Honestly, it takes 10 minutes, sometimes longer, and it’s a pain but it’s what helps me not have constant breakouts, helps with my complexion; it’s just an overall thing. It’s twice a day, I exfoliate in the shower and when I go to bed I wash and moisturize. That routine has helped me personally keep a nice complexion.

How fun is working on NBC’s “Truth Be Told”?

Photo Credit: NBC

I feel pretty lucky and I’m very grateful for the cast that I have: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tone Bell, Bresha Webb and the crew, DJ Nash (writer and creator) and Will Packer who is doing everything under the sun right now, literally the guy has the Midas touch and Pam Fryman who is the director for ‘How I Met Your Mother’ …  it’s like a dream team.

It’s done so much for me emotionally and has done so much for my family. As far as work, it’s done so much for me creatively, I’ve learned so much; because ‘truth be told’ (LOL), I first and foremost was a host. I came into this industry hosting. Acting is something that I feel I’m getting more and more comfortable with it, but it’s not something I’ve trained for. Mark-Paul has been doing this since he was a child so I’m able to go to him and the team for creative direction.

I feel so grateful to be able to ask questions in a comfort zone. No one is judgy. Everyone is very creatively open.

It’s too fun. It shouldn’t be called work.

Any Saved by the Bell references on set?

Every now and then, the only reference that we all give is the ‘time out’. We’ll be doing something and then we’ll say time out and then look at him but that is as far as it goes. It’s pretty funny. 

You exemplify a woman who is living a true, authentic dream life. Do you have any challenges?

I remember when I just had Camden and I just got my first show on Fox called “Dads” as a leading role in a sitcom. I remember emotionally being off. I guess it was just the Baby blues, which is very different from Postpartum, two completely different things. I just kinda went through a funk.

I think it was the first time my world was different.

Ten years ago, if somebody asked me, ‘where do you see yourself in 10 years?’ I would have said: married to my dream guy with a couple kids on a multi-cam sitcom, living in Los Angeles in the beautiful sun with all my childhood girlfriends around.

I literally checked all the boxes and I said to Nick, ‘why am I in this funk?’

As women we go through so much with our emotions, our estrogen gets thrown out of whack in many ways for many different reasons, whether it’s a loss in life, a change in work and even physically when you go through birth or even age when you go through menopause and all these things..

To be a woman, emotionally, I know this sounds really cheesy, that is the challenge that I deal with, managing my ups and my downs.


Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Lachey

I am in my dream life because I said to myself, ‘Nothing can stop me’, not in an arrogant way, but this is what I want in life.

People say, ‘oh well you just lucked out’ but trust me it was a process. I went through a lot of ‘no’s’, I went through a lot of heartache and I went through a lot of family things – my parents are divorced, I haven’t been speaking to my mother since I was 9 years old, there’s a lot going on in life. So to say, this is what I want for my life, and more importantly for me now, this is what I want for my kids.

Nick and I make a very conscious effort to be the most positive influence in their lives, a positive influence in our own lives and to each other and at the end of the day, you realize ‘holy cow’ we are doing it. We have the job, we have the life and we have this great family unit.

It’s just an overall feeling of I’m going to get the life that I’m going to be proud of and I’m gonna make this life for my children that I want them to be proud of.

What are your words of wisdom for other women in media who are looking to break through and create their own platforms?


I remember when I started hosting, people were like “what’s your training?”

I went to high school and I got excepted into colleges but I won a pageant on a dare and that lead me to the Miss Universe organization. I didn’t get my degree in journalism, I didn’t do classes. People said, ‘you’r not going to make it because you don’t have experience.’

This made me want it more because what I knew was, I had me. And every one of us is unique. It’s just about finding the right opportunity and niche for me to get into and I did.

I tried a couple things… I tried doing sports and it didn’t work, I tried doing the sexy stuff, tried for Wild On E! and it didn’t work because I’m too silly. So I ended up meeting the right people at MTV TRL and I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

I soon had acting opportunities and people still said, ‘Oh you can’t do acting cause you’re just a host, people are going to see you as Vanessa Minnillo the host and not an actress.’

And now I’m acting on a TV show as Vanessa Lachey.

To say ‘you can’t’… that’s my biggest thing. It’s funny because it’s what I tell my son, he’s like, ‘I can’t do it’ and I’m like ‘Bubba, don’t ever say you can’t. Let’s try it first and if you don’t like it or if don’t want to continue with it than that’s fine but don’t ever say that you can’t do something.

It’s honestly the biggest thing that has kept me going. It’s like this fire and it makes me just want to prove to myself that I can do this.

Ok, for all the 90’s girls in the house who have a serious 98 Degrees man crush on Nick Lachey: Boxers or Briefs?

He is a total boxers guy.

But it’s funny because they changed up his wardrobe a bit on Morning Buzz on VH1. Some of the suits and some of the pants were tighter and he was forced to wear briefs because you can see this ginormous boxer line!

So as of lately, he is now both. But I can honestly say that I when I met him, he was strictly boxers.

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