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3 Ways Your Look May be Aging You

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 10, 2014

measuring bra size

Correct Bra Size

Women must know their bust size because wearing bras that are too small will create bulges where they simply do not belong. Experts say you should be able to close your bra from the last hook and work inward. Bras that are too tight can be extremely uncomfortable, and straps that are too long will consistently fall at the shoulder. Because of weight fluctuation, it is important to get measured every five to seven months.


women in high heels

Platforms and Chunky Heels

Platforms may add stability and comfort (which can be important) but they also add unnecessary heaviness to the appearance of the body.

Chunky heels also add stable height, but do nothing to help the legs appear lean or long. Select a sleeker/ slimmer heel instead. Women who may need more support should try a shorter heel with a pointy toe.