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Longer Lashes and Latisse

By Toni Negas
Posted On Jan 09, 2011

Think lash lengthener Latisse (bimatoprost) is out of reach? Think again, especially if you already have a dermatologist. Heidi Waldorf, MD, a NYC dermatologist, says if you’re a regular patient, all you have to do is pick up the phone for a prescription to the only lash-lengthening product currently FDA-approved for safety and real results.

Of course, there are question-based criteria for getting the medical “ok” for Latisse. Questions she asks?

  • What eyedrops are you using?
  • Do you have glaucoma or a family history of glaucoma?
  • Have you had a recent eye exam?

Your answers to these question can indicate if you’re an appropriate candidate for Latisse.

How do I know? I got the inside scoop when I saw her speak and advise her fellow dermatologist colleagues at Cosmetic Surgery Forum 2010 in Las Vegas, Nev.

While the long, lush, dark lashes that result from regular treatment with Latisse aren’t debatable (nope, it works!), there is question of risk of eye color changes in some patients. But not to worry – it’s very low risk, and in only a specific patient population. In short, a key clinical study showed that 1 percent of users experienced eye color change when using this product. And that’s in patients with light brown or hazel eyes. If you’ve got dark brown or blue eyes, your risk is very low.

If you ARE a user, Dr. Waldorf has some tips for getting the biggest bang for your buck with this product:

Use 1 drop on 1 brush for both eyes. While the manufacturer advises to use a separate brush (which requires 2 drops, one for each) on each eye, Dr. Waldorf points out that we use our mascara wand on both eyes, and doing so with Latisse is no different. Not only will the Latisse product last longer, but you’ll get the best results by putting that one drop of Latisse into the bottle cap before applying it.

“One drop is enough for both the lashes and the eyebrows,” said Dr. Waldorf.

Yes, I said eyebrows. So if you overplucked back in the 70s or 80s, this is the answer you’ve been looking for. It WILL fill in those sparse brows.

Another tip:

“Apply it from the outside to the inside [of the eyelashes],” instructs Dr. Waldorf. This will mimic the natural thickness and growth of lashes, with the thickest and longest on the outside of each eye.

Note: Latisse is only for the upper lashes. Don’t use it on the lower lashes.

So how long will it take to get those luscious lashes?

Apply Latisse 5 – 7 nights per week for two months, according to Dr. Waldorf. And only every 2 – 3 nights per week after that.

For more information on Latisse, visit www.latisse.com. To find a local dermatologist who prescribes Latisse, check out our doctor listings.

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