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MAC Launches Enchanting Fairy Makeup Collection

By Julie Fink
Posted On Dec 22, 2015
MAC Launches Enchanting Fairy Makeup Collection

I must say, the creative department at MAC should get a promotion for this one… what girl doesn’t want magical fairy dust speckled across our sparkly young faces?! MAC regularly releases a collection shortly after Christmas each year, and this year, the collection is glowing with imagination! It’s called Faerie Whispers and even the product names are super fun:

(eye shadows) Fly By, Sweet Illusion, Enchanted Forest!
(lipstick) A Sprinkle of Magic, Midsummer Night, Among the Fireflies!
OMG the Powder Blush is called Cheek Pollen. Stop it right now.

Don’t forget to glam up your nails with Spelldazzling, a rose gold and pearl frost.

Overall, a warm, lustrous shine makes the Faerie Whispers Collection pop. Every 20-something looking to enchant their boo-thang with the pixie love potion of eye shadows will be on this.

The MAC Faerie Whispers will be launching online December 23rd and will be fluttering in-stores on December 26th for the holiday season through February 6th.

Check it out the full collection:

MAC Faerie Whispers Collection

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Photo Credits: MAC Faerie Whispers Collection