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Men Vs. Women: Who’s More High Maintenance

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Feb 16, 2016
Men Vs. Women: Who’s More High Maintenance

Ladies, you will be happy to know, the truth has finally been revealed and the tables have officially turned. Groom Lounge.com and Real Self have joined forces and completed a study to debunk the myth that women spend more time primping and prepping in the morning as opposed to men. More than 400 ladies and gents were surveyed and according to the findings, “Men tend to spend longer at the sink, with 41% taking 31 to 45 minutes to get ready.” Wowzers! I guess we can lay the old cliché to rest because we now know who’s REALLY high maintenance.

But before we [ladies] start chanting our, “I told you so’s” here is another finding to further add fuel to the fire. An estimated, “70% of men spend one to three hours a month getting groomed compared to 39% of women.” Hmmmm, it seems both men and women have extensive beauty routines but obviously, both sexes appreciate a good visit to their hair care specialist. Whether it is a blow bar, barber shop or hair salon, with the increased interest and heightened awareness in developing healthy lifestyle habits that include taming your mane the options are abundantly limitless.

The lesson to be learned is that in order to look good you must feel good, regardless if you’re a male or female because both gender types ALWAYS want to feel and look their best. For more info on the findings and to learn more please visit:  https://trends.realself.com