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Middle Part Vs Side Part Saga

By Contributor
Posted On Mar 05, 2021
Middle Part Vs Side Part Saga

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by Jeannette Maya

Our friend, Jeannette Maya at @cutting2thechase on Instagram brings us the latest in hair trends that are already making waves in the streets and on the runway.

Everyone has lost their minds in this middle vs side hair part WAR! Some of us are more interested in fashion advice from designers, hair artists and Vogue not TIKTOKers.

Here are some legit HAIR FACTS!  Many generations ago…  back in “THE DAY” men parted their hair on the left and women parted on the right. People associate men who part their hair from the left with the left hemisphere of the brain, and thus associate them with activities traditionally attributed to masculinity. While women who part their hair to the right are considered more feminine and gentle.

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Not everyone can pull off a middle part. Middle parts can drag your face down if your hair is super long and flat to your head and your face shape is oblong or square. Who wants that?  What if you have a widows peak? Any Gen Zens have a widows peak or were their generation sparred that torturous gift.  How about those with alopecia and are parting their hair however to cover the embarrassment they face from hair loss?

Did you know that changing your hair part is GOOD for your hair?

Not only does switching up your part create a more voluminous look but it protects your scalp. The scalp is subject to sunburn and abuse from UV rays. The middle hair part is a look in itself that creates symmetry of equal amounts of hair on both sides. Or does it ? Most of us have that flat side of hair normally the side we sleep on or just feel we have more hair on one side than the other.

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Hello side part! The side part is a go to for many high fashion trends. Most pixies have either zero part, all the hair directed forward, or a side part. I have not seen a middle parted pixie nor do I ever want to. Hollywood classic styles and glamourous looks equal side part!

The asymmetrical LOB, aka-long bob, a very popular cut at the moment – also a side part. Beachwaving hair has been a trend that is still in route. The sexiness off the side part with that soft wave barely covering one eye, I mean come on that is glamourous!

Sky Cinema / Shutterstock.com

Curly hair looks best flipping back n forth. Although a middle part can have its fierce moments such as a slick runway look or a precision cut bob with bangs it really comes down to face shape, texture of hair, hairline, style of haircut and really what’s your overall look as a whole. Your hair style should match your fashion style.

Don’t let this TIKTOK rage get the best of you. Part your hair however you feel most beautiful. Zig Zag it if you were obsessed with the Rachel cut. Gen Z really is just RECYCLING all of the past trends, minus the writing in cursive.  Wearing your hair off center is a happy medium, a tad from center to the left or right. The way we wear our hair is an expression of who we are. Like Madonna said “Express Yourself!”