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Mineral Marvels

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 21, 2016
Mineral Marvels

Mineral Marvels

Our strands are in a constant battle against the elements. The winning strategy requires a once-a-week execution plan.

There’s a cruel irony to the fact that your hair comes under attack by the very substance needed to wash and revive it. Hard water—containing chlorine and minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium—invades more than 85 percent of US households. Everything penetrates your scalp, according to celebrity hair stylist and Femme Coiffure Hair Spa owner Raphael Reboh. Hard water makes hair feel heavy and dry. The scalp becomes flaky, ends split faster, and color proceeds to dull prematurely. “It’s a problem,” insists Reboh. “We don’t really have a choice, but if you treat your hair the right way, it will feel shinier, with no fly-aways, for up to two weeks.”

The winning strategy requires a once-a-week execution plan.

  1. Apply a pre-shampoo oil when your hair is dirty and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes. When the time is up, apply the shampoo to your unwashed, oiled, and dry head—don’t wet it until you’re ready to rinse. This is vital so that the shampoo can remove oil while extracting and holding in healthy nutrients. ­Leonor Greyl Palm Oil ($50, leonorgreyl-usa.com) and Phyto Subtil Elixir Intense Nutrition Shine Oil ($38, nordstrom.com)
  2. A mask takes the place of a conditioner and should be applied to wet, shampooed hair for 10 minutes. Select a quality product that contains essential oils—preferably one void of silicone, because a high-quality mask revives your hair for more than one wash. Nuance Salma Hayek Intense Hydration Hair Mask Blackcurrant ($10, cvs.com)
  3. Every woman should use a leave-in conditioner for the ends—without alcohol. These should have oils in them, if possible. Though this step is not part of the “treatment,” it is so important because the ends are where the hair heals and leave-in conditioners keep them nourished and healthy. Aloxxi Colour Care Leave-in Conditioner ($20, aloxxi.com) and Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Sealed Ends ($21, drugstore.com)