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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Feb 22, 2016
Mirror Mirror on the Wall

You wake up to the sound of your alarm screeching and realize you are late for work. Thoughts of your boss hammering you when you arrive at the office, together with the presentation you have to give in the afternoon swarm you. On top of the fact that it’s Monday, you really aren’t ready for your day. Imagine if you had someone telling you how amazing you are. Telling you that you can get through this day, and not only get through it but kick its ass and take some names.

Enter Rameses Crisi, the founder and designer of bottledBrooklyn, a new brand featuring bold and fun lifestyle products. Crisi is essentially the voice of empowerment that you are missing in your daily routine. How? With his sassy and powerfully positive vanity mirrors.



I had the chance to speak with the motivational man himself, where he talked about staying positive through the negatives, moving forward with his brand and most importantly staying true to you. Crisi has come a long way to pursue his dreams, giving up his apartment, sleeping on his sister’s couch, and walking her dogs until he had the funds to start developing his own products.

The inspiration behind the tongue-in-cheek mirrors were the pep talks he would give himself on a bad day. “We all have those moments when we forget that were capable. That we’re good enough. Where we’re just having a bad day. We all need a mirror to get ready, so why not splash something positive, a nice reminder on your reflection. Hopefully, over time it will sink in. So that when you’re having that bad day or you go to that interview, you’re sort of reminded- I am a Motherf#*%ing Superstar.”

Crisi’s focus with the bottledBrooklyn brand is to deliver positive messages to combat the negative. “Negative is really easy to sell. It’s not interesting to me, it’s incredibly boring. I don’t want to contribute to the negativity the world has, it has enough. If you’re going to have a voice it should be to inspire people.”

His goal with the mirrors is to empower people to be themselves, kick some ass and do their thing. The most popular mirror, “Remember What You Are. A Motherf#*%ing Superstar” is Crisi’s personal mantra. “Subconsciously I was sort of giving myself that pep talk and then it just made sense to share it. My personal message was what I wanted to share with everybody.”

Commenting on the “Real Women Aren’t Airbrushed Mirror” Crisi said, “We’re saturated with airbrushed images, especially women. When you go to get ready and do your hair, you’re going to see a wrinkle looking back at you in the mirror, you’re human. That’s just there to remind you that it’s okay.” And the same for the “Madame President” mirror, “It’s not really endorsing a candidate, but just telling a young girl maybe there isn’t one yet, but you can do it. You can be the best. You can be on top. Don’t let anybody’s voice get you down.”

So what’s next for the brand? “I have a lot of different ideas, expanding on what we have. A few new mirrors are going to be coming out in the next couple of months and some different types of products. Some of them are things that I found I just wanted around my apartment. Wouldn’t this be great if this had this on it.” Spoken like a true entrepreneur.

He has some advice for all the dreamers, designers and entrepreneurs out there: “You have to go with your gut and believe in yourself because you’re going to get criticism and people are going to doubt you. But if you believe, you just have to invest the hard work.”

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