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Miss California India Williams on Savvy Skin Secrets

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Sep 19, 2017
Miss California India Williams on Savvy Skin Secrets

New You caught up with the beautiful India Williams, Miss California USA at the 2017 Women Making History Awards at the National Women’s History Museum. Very excited to be at the event, Miss California had this to say about attending the affair, “Being a young woman myself, being surrounded by such influential people, not only just builds up my confidence but shows me that I can do whatever it is that I want to do in the future as well. Being in an environment like this today is really important and I hope everyone has the opportunity to do something like this in their lifetime because it’s so essential to our confidence and our well-being.”


A beauty queen’s got to have great skin, of course, so India gives us the secret she swears by for her radiance and glow. “I think the key for me – I wear a ton of makeup all the time at appearances and events like this – but I think having a really good skincare regimen is really important. I swear by gel moisturizers, they have completely changed my skin and changed my life and made me feel a lot more comfortable and confident in my natural skin so having a good skincare regimen is definitely the key.”


Having great skin doesn’t come easy even for a reigning queen so India explains her ways of keeping it all looking great. “Really nourishing the inside is important because you know when you do that it really shines through. I think a lot of that for me is just staying hydrated, drinking a lot of water, plumps your skin up, makes you feel all beautiful and shows that little changes in your daily life can really make you feel a whole lot better.”