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My Botox Affair

By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 06, 2020
My Botox Affair

Yeah, okay, I hear it all the time. I’m young; I don’t need Botox. Oh, but since I admit that I DO get quarterly injections, I’m also told that “it’s not working very well” because parts of my face (brow) still move. I love it. Here’s what I have to say: We need to begin thinking about Botox, Dysport, and the other neurotoxins soon to follow, a little differently.

From a doctor’s perspective, New You spoke with a facial cosmetic surgeon about this issue who was able to put into words the whole “your Botox isn’t working” phenomenon for me. According to Joe Niamtu, DMD, in Richmond, Va, the frozen Botox face is a thing of the past. We don’t want that artificial look that has your friends and neighbors whispering about your latest trip to the cosmetic surgeon. What we want is “creative animation.” Translation: Instead of visible facial paralysis (which sounds so very attractive, n’est-ce pas?), doctors are now strategically injecting muscles to allow for limited movement, which creates a softer, more natural look, and — guess what — costs you less in the end too (less product, lower cost).

First, from my own perspective: The last time I imbibed, I walked out of my doctor’s office thinking about Botox in a different way. I didn’t just have “Botox,” the product for wrinkles, I just had a mini browlift, the procedure. (I have heavy eyelids that a need a lift, okay?) Yes, with a needle instead of a scalpel (isn’t that what we all want?!). Granted, you’ve got to have a doctor who understands the brow muscles, how they’re balanced, and how to effectively manipulate them to create that little lift you’re looking for (yes, “little”; if you need a drastic lift, you’ll have to settle for the scalpel!). Just an arch in the eyebrow (a symbol of youth and beauty) is good enough for me!

As for my affair with Botox, there’s no shame here. My chin (and brow) held high…

Because Botox minimizes/can eliminate certain aspects of facial animation which cause wrinkles, it is considered a preventive measure for those of us of the, a-hem, younger variety. (No, this does not mean those of you in your teen years.)