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Summertime Nail Art For All Style Personalities

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On May 18, 2016
Summertime Nail Art For All Style Personalities

There’s no better time than summertime to go over-the-top with your nails.

It’s the best time to play around with fun, bold colors, funky patterns, and lots of shimmer without being judged by your co-worker.

Silver studs, neon yellow, and pineapple designs—whatever your heart desires, summer is the time to give your nail tech the go ahead to go crazy.

Of course, there are some of us who will never break up with our perfect nude or subtle pastel colors even in the summer. Not to worry, there are tons of nail trends that are tailored to your individual style and color preference.

Let’s find your personal nail style, shall we?

Bold and Beautiful

You’re the first person to raise your hand in the classroom, the first to share your new ideas in a boardroom meeting, or the one who always picks dare over truth. Boldness has always been in your veins. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to express your boldness in a visible way through colors that draw everyone’s attention.


I Just can’t Cope – $10.00


Magenta Muse – $10.00

The Risk Taker

Your wardrobe is filled with textures and patterns, and you take pleasure in mixing and matching patterns that nobody else would even think of. To be quite honest, solid colors tend to give you a headache. When patterned nails started trending, you literally found yourself praising the nail gods. With so many options for how you can amp up your nail game, this summer is about to get a lot more fun for you.

Deborah Lippmann

Flash Dance – $20.00

Deborah Lippmann

Spiced Sienna Splurge – $20.00

The Nudist

You’re the kind of gal who has a personal style that doesn’t change with the seasons. You’re classy, professional, and confident enough to know that loud colors don’t always get you the attention you deserve. It’s not about just playing it safe but playing it right because you can never go wrong with a classic nude.

Smith & Cult

Feathers & Flesh – $18.00

Smith & Cult

Honey & Hush – $18.00

Pastel Princess

You’re not quite daring enough to opt for the bright oranges and neon pinks in the nail salon, but you still have a great appreciation for color. You’re somewhere in the middle between too much and too little and luckily, pastels are a spring staple that can easily transition into your summer nail looks.

Keppel – $18.00

Ube – $18.00



The Glamaholic

A room filled with sequins, diamonds, glitter, and metallic is practically heaven for you. You wear New Years Eve dresses all-year-round with no shame in your game. You don’t feel complete unless you put a layer of glitter over at least one nail or add a stud or two to your index finger. I don’t blame you; I’m that girl too.


On A Silver Platter – $8.50


Fashion Flares – $8.50

It can be a major pain when wanting to explore other nail design options like patterns and different colors at the nail salon due to the fact that most salons have started charging for designs per nail. Rather than spending way more than you wanted to, try doing it yourself right at home. Use these easy and useful tutorials to help you get started and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Which nail queen are you?

Cover Photo Credit: Shutterstock