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By Ana Marino
Posted On Mar 21, 2016

Today, March 21st, we are celebrating National Fragrance Day at New You and we wanted to share some cool facts you probably didn’t know about your favorite perfumes!


Fragrances do expire!

How many of you display your favorite fragrances in your bathroom? Or even near a window so when the light comes in everything brightens up and your fragrance corner looks fab and chic?

Well, our team did some research for you guys and it turns out that storing your favorite perfume in your bathroom or placing it near a window might be damaging it! OH NO!

Fragrances, depending on their chemical composition, can last years, even decades but only under the right storage conditions. Examiner.com recommends storing fragrances in a dark room with consistent temperatures—preferably cool temperatures.



Credit: www.houzz.com
Credit: www.houzz.com


Fragrances and Maternity 101

Even though experts say it is safe to use perfumes during pregnancy, there are some side effects to using your favorite scent while pregnant.

Because our bodies undergo a variety of changes during pregnancy, strong fragrances may cause allergies, dizziness, and even produce sickness and nausea. Thebump.com mentions that a variety of studies have linked perfumes to birth defects. This is because perfumes contain a chemical called phthalates that may have negative effects on fetuses. To be safe they recommend going fragrance-free during the first trimester.

Also, babies are known to create a bond with their mother not only emotionally but through natural body scents. According to Inforefuge.com, a baby’s feeding habits may be affected if the natural scent of a mother’s breasts is altered by a fragrance.


Credit: www.vaikui.lt
Credit: www.vaikui.lt


Fragrance bars and parties exist!

If you are one of those people who wears perfumes but wishes they were less concentrated or a tad fruitier, your prayers have been answered! There are companies that provide you with DIY perfume kits! That’s right; you read correctly. We found two companies that will provide you with the necessary things to create your own perfume.

All the way on the west coast, in the Bay Area, Perfume Bar Soiree offers perfume kits, parties, and even classes!!


Credit: www.perfumesoiree.com
Credit: www.perfumesoiree.com


Scenterpises.com, located in New York, offers similar services and perfume kits in the east coast.


Credit: www.scenterprises.com
Credit: www.scenterprises.com


So what are you waiting for, get your friends together for a perfume DIY party and create your own fragrance!

To end of our celebration, here are some of our favorite fragrances at New You.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP Lovely
Credit: www.amazon.com

Haute Couture by Givenchy

givenchy haute couture
Credit: www.myperfumesamples.com

Miss Dior by Christian Dior

miss dior
Credit: www.global.rakuten.com

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

daisy marc jacobs
Credit: www.mybeautyspot.com.au



What is your go-to, can’t-live-without fragrance?