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Nazanin Kavari talks summer makeup trends

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Jul 20, 2017
Nazanin Kavari talks summer makeup trends

YouTube beauty vlogger Nazanin Kavari was in LA this week at the bareMinerals product launch party chatting all things beauty and product trends. Nazanin filled us in on what’s hot this summer and the must-have trends for all things beauty.


As a long-time fan herself, Nazanin was excited to be at the bareMinerals event. “I’m a huge fan of bareMinerals! I’ve been wearing their makeup for so long. It’s really awesome that I’m invited to this and I’m really thankful!”


When it comes to finding inspiration for her next beauty videos, Nazanin looks to what’s new. “I love looking at what’s new. I love all the new products coming out. I love all the new lines and I definitely just want something that’s different. I love trying everything.”


Going for a fresh feel, she explains what her go-to looks are for this summer. “I’m really loving the glowy skin look for summer. That’s definitely something I’ve been seeing all over YouTube. Just having cream contouring like cream products as opposed to powders so I’ve been trying to do that now. I don’t usually cream contour but I’ve started doing that and cream highlighting. I really love that dewy, healthy skin look.”


To keep herself looking great, Nazain gives us some of her most basic health tips. “Definitely drink water! It’s good for everything. It’s good for your skin, it’s good for your hair, your spiritual health! I think a lot of people need to focus on mental health too so just making sure you’re getting enough sleep every night. Working out a little everyday really helps, and eat your fruits and vegetables!”