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Nourish Hair From The Inside Out

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Dec 03, 2020
Nourish Hair From The Inside Out

Learn new ways to nourish hair from the inside-out, with help from our gray-banishing experts.

As the years accumulate, our follicles get weaker due to genetic factors and environmental strain. When this happens, the shower drain starts to fill with dead, stray strands. The melanin that has always provided our color fails to replenish, and grays appear. According to hair experts Marc Mena of New York’s Warren Tricomi and Jenny Balding of New York’s Cutler Salon, a proper diet and the right products can stave off the demise of your ‘do. You just have to take the proper steps.

Shear Shedding

Most over-the-counter conditioners contain waxes and silicones that weigh heavily on the scalp, says Mena. After a significant build-up of product, follicles can’t support the weight and hair can fall out.

Balding believes that diet is a major hair-loss culprit. She suggests drinking plenty of water and taking a vitamin B-rich coenzyme such as  biotin. “Whatever you put into your body is going to show in your hair.”

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Thinning hair is a common complaint, says Balding—particularly among menopausal women whose hormone shifts inspire dramatic body changes. “It’s important to use an anti-thinning system that works, but is also gentle and safe on color-treated hair,” she says.

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Vanishing Act 

Melanin, which is made of pigment cells that sit on the skin’s surface, gives hair its color as it grows out of follicles. Over time, it produces less pigment, replacing vibrant color with gray. Meanwhile, chemicals in permanent dyes can cause breakage. Balding and Mena recommend temporary color boosts to save time, money, and unnecessary chemicals.

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