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Oh, Baby Weekend!

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Mar 28, 2016
Oh, Baby Weekend!

We already told you about the birth of Ivanka Trump’s baby boy, but she wasn’t the only celebrity who welcomed a baby over the weekend.

The American comedian from Late Night, Seth Meyers also had an Easter that not only celebrated eggs but also a baby! Seth and his wife Alexi also welcomed a bouncing baby boy into their family on Sunday.

Seth took to Twitter this morning to express his gratitude for all the well wishes.



Earlier this month, Meyers also shared with People, what he was looking forward to the most about having a baby.

“I’m most looking forward to seeing who it looks like, that’s the first thing out of the gate,” he said. “Although a lot of people have said my wife and I look alike, so I think that’s the one thing we know, is that the child will look like us. If not, there’s a real problem.”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

No real details have been disclosed by the Parents yet, including the child’s name. However, like every great comedian, we’re pretty sure Seth will be giving us more details On Tuesdays’ Late Night.

While the idea of being a Parent was a bit daunting for Seth, T.I and Tiny may not be able to relate.

The couple welcomed their third child together over the Easter weekend as well. I already know what you’re thinking—ANOTHER ONE? *DJ Khaled Voice*

Photo Credit: Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Their new baby girl will be the seventh addition to the rappers’ household. The official announcement was made after rumors that the couple had their baby surfaced. T.I expressed his frustration on Facebook while simultaneously confirming the news.

“What really pisses me off is that I’m in South Carolina & my wife just had our baby in Georgia which is really not something anybody could help & the fact that everybody gets to announce that ‘T.I. & Tiny welcomed their baby into the world’ EXCEPT T.I. & Tiny. Couldn’t even wait until we properly announced it but #Lucky7 is here!” he wrote in a post on Saturday.

Tiny also gave a statement to People, confirming the news as well.

“Yesterday, March 26th, at 2:58PM we welcomed a beautiful baby girl that weighed in at 5lbs. In true Harris fashion, our baby girl made us all HUSTLE, making a surprise early entrance.”

The baby who was set to arrive on April 20th, came a few weeks early, but that didn’t stop the couple from celebrating their new baby girl.

We’re so happy for all these celebs and their new babies! Am I the only one getting a bad case of baby fever?

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