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Olivina Honeysuckle Rose

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On Jan 31, 2014

Is showering twice a day excessive? Well when you’re exercising regularly and eating loads of fiber to stay young, fit, and “regular,” double scrubbing may be necessary. Needless to say, I run through shower gels and scrubs rapidly and I am always up for trying new brands.

When the Olivina Honeysuckle Rose mega 8 oz. soap bar came across my desk, I was curious. I rarely use bars unless I am staying at a hotel, because I find that they dry out my skin, leaving me running to my moisturizer for salvation. But then I discovered that the product contains olive oil, grape seed oil, and olive butter, and figured this experience might be different.

Alas, the heavenly sweet scent of honeysuckle rose combined with the exceptionally moisturizing soap left my skin feeling satin smooth and smelling amazing. My faith in bars is renewed!

How to Buy: Olivina.com; $17


-Elena Schmidt; Naturally light, sunkissed Miamian, seeking to find my perfect shade