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By Lauren Ford
Posted On May 16, 2016

A new beauty trend is storming the Internet: Rainbow eyebrows. This comes right after we have become a society obsessed with a perfectly filled brow. We don’t leave the house without our beloved eyebrow kit and we definitely don’t take advice from anyone who has sub-par brows.

Rainbow brows, or rainbrows as I like to call them, are a fun way to incorporate colors into your look. Especially good for events like music festivals, concerts, and other artsy/creative events. Mardi Gras? Wear purple and green. Miley Cyrus concert? Full on rainbow. Going to a Jeremy Scott fashion show? You better have some color besides the regular brown/black/blonde. Maybe even wear them to the grocery store and be the real trendsetter.

So how are we to nail the newest multi-colored eyebrow trend? Winky Lux has a rainbow brow kit for all your colored eyebrow needs.

Winky Lux
Winky Lux

This kit comes with a royal blue, a rose pink, a blood red, a canary yellow, and of course, brow wax to keep it all together. You can mix the colors to create unique colors, you can ombre them into a darker color, or you can use all of them on each eyebrow for a full rainbow effect.

Check out some of the awesome rainbrows that are going viral.

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What do you think about this new rainbrow trend? Will you be throwing out the Anastasia kit and replacing it with Winky Lux’s? Let us know in the comments below?