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Review: Body Exfoliation and Hydration Treatment

By Samantha Boden
Posted On May 08, 2014

I had a wonderful experience at Berenice Electrolysis and Personal Beauty Center this past week as my aesthetician shaved away my dead, winter skin and unearthed the renewed, spring skin underneath. The center offers services from hair removal and laser treatments to standard skin care. I have a very low pain tolerance so I decided to select a mild treatment: Body exfoliation and hydration.

My aesthetician started with a full body exfoliation to remove my dead skin cells; she explained that this was necessary to fully absorb the hydration treatment. She used Phytomer’s Toning Body Scrub with Marine Salt Crystals, which she indicated would restore visible radiance and softness. The scrubbing felt rough but when it was complete, I could feel a tangible difference. My skin was lighter and smoother.

Once my aesthetician finished exfoliating my entire body, she began the hydration treatment using Phytomer’s Eau Marine Tonic Lotion and Phytomer’s HydraContinue Moisturizing Body milk. As she carefully massaged the moisturizers into my skin, I was finally able to let my mind relax and forget about my tasks for the day. The Marine Tonic Lotion felt refreshing while the moisturizing body milk firmed and hydrated.

I feared that it was all over after the hydration treatment, but thankfully I was wrong. My aesthetician then wrapped me in a blue blanket called a ceramic heat mat. As the heat mat soaked the moisturizers into my skin, the aesthetician massaged my face and head for an additional 20 minutes. It was pure bliss!

The treatment was wonderful and I could feel its anti-aging benefits due to the extreme hydrating effect. Hydrated skin becomes firmer and can eliminate the appearance of fine lines.


PROS: Skin is soft for days following the treatment; the massage is an added bonus; great results.

CONS: Scrub hurt, but was well worth the pain.


HOW TO BUY: $425, Berenice Electrolysis and Personal Beauty Center NYC


Samantha Boden; Fair-skinned redhead seeking an end to rosacea