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Save Your Summer with These Easy Hacks

By Sydney Cook
Posted On Apr 30, 2016
Save Your Summer with These Easy Hacks


Summer calls for warm weather and beach getaways. Running through the sand with your woes *Drake voice* is at the top of everyone’s summer bucket lists, but these sun-filled days come with a set of problems like uncomfortably scorching weather and unpleasant sunburns. Combat the five biggest beach day dilemmas with these hacks.

  1. Ice Pack Hack

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Ice packs are essential to keeping your food and refreshments cool in the summer heat. A cheap, easy, and reusable way to DIY ice packs is by using a kitchen sponge. All you need to do is place a wet sponge in a sandwich bag and freeze overnight. Once frozen, remove the sponge and place it in your cooler. The cool (no pun intended) thing about this cold pack is that the water won’t leak everywhere. When the ice starts to melt the sponge will soak up the water.

  1. Cool Rub Down

cooler (1)

After a few minutes in the sun, we’re trying to figure out how to keep cool. Chill your sunscreen in the cooler right next to that six-pack. When you start to feel warm, give yourself a cool rub down with the chilled sunblock. We should reapply sunscreen approximately every two hours, so this is a cool (again, no pun intended) way to protect our bodies from the sun.

  1. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

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Sometimes no matter how much sunscreen you apply and reapply, you just can’t avoid a sunburn. Instead of sticking your head in the cooler, rub a few home-made Aloe sun soother cubes on the tender, sunburnt spots for instant relief. Fill an ice cube tray with Aloe Vera and freeze overnight for a soothing trick for scorched skin.

  1. Summer Safe

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Protect your valuables and never worry about sand creepers again! Clean out an old sunscreen bottle and store your prized possessions in a discreet place for instant security.

  1. Waterproof Your Phone

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Whether you’re at the beach, pool, or using the toilet, your beloved iPhone could take a nasty plunge into the warranty-voiding water. Placing your phone in a sandwich bag will keep your device dry in these situations. PS: The touch screen will still work!


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