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Say No To Sunburn: 10 Ways To Prevent It

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On May 20, 2016
Say No To Sunburn: 10 Ways To Prevent It

When it comes to protecting our skin from the sun, the first thing that comes to mind (for the majority of us) is sunscreen. Surprisingly, that should be the last resort when you are about to expose your skin to Mr. Sun. Here are ten (mostly natural) ways you can prep for healthy summer skin:


  1. Stay out of the sun between 10 am and 3 pm.

This is when the sun is the harshest. Avoid participating in physical activities during these hours as much as you can.


  1. Actually wear clothes.

Who wants to wear clothes when it’s scorching hot out? Not me! However, covering up as much as possible is a surefire way to protect your skin. Accessories such as wide brim hats, sunglasses, and umbrellas are often forgotten, so leave them at a spot where you can’t miss them on your way out.


  1. Grease your scalp!

We talk so much about skin but forget about our scalp. UV protectant sprays and hair sunscreens are sold at local drugstores. Use them to protect your hair from UV damage and environmental stressors.


  1. Consume more Vitamin D.

Reduce your chances of getting sunburned by consuming Vitamin D. Your sun tolerance will increase and protect you from sun damage.


  1. Eat your greens or should I say your reds?

I never liked tomatoes, but they are about to be my bestie. They contain a chemical called lycopene, which helps protect us from sun damage.


  1. Shrimp & Salmon…Yum!

We eat them, and they eat algae. Algae contains super-antioxidant astaxanthin, which according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, is said to be like a natural sunscreen.


  1. And of course, there’s Coconut Oil.

We know coconut oil is the answer to everything! It moisturizes our skin and prevents dryness.


  1. Drink Green Tea.

Every time we expose our skin to the sun, we are damaging skin cells. Antioxidants help repair them. Teas, such as green tea, contain antioxidants and will help prevent damage.


  1. Try UV repellent sprays, laundry detergents, and shampoos.

There are a plethora of products advertised to repel damaging UV rays, I haven’t tried them yet but I’ve seen them around on Amazon, in Home Depot, and Ulta. These products claim to absorb and shield us from UV rays.


  1. …and my favorite, wine!

Wine and grape seeds contain proanthocyanidins that lower risk of skin cancer. Well, don’t mind if I do.


Now, those are what I call big words to add to our dictionary. What natural ways to protect you skin are you implementing into your lifestyle?