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Say Yes to Soft, Soothing Skincare

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Oct 15, 2018
Say Yes to Soft, Soothing Skincare

The warm, glowing complexion of healthy, happy skin – we all want it, but some of us definitely have a harder time than others in getting it. For many, our skin is sensitive and easily irritated. You may have allergies, you may live in an unforgiving climate, or you may just be using the wrong products. Even Kim Kardashian deals with her share of unruly skin. At this point you’ve undoubtedly tried every product on the shelf, possibly even landed yourself in the ER after reacting rather severely to something that claimed it would help (long story…) but to no avail – nothing works. Alas, the dark clouds are parting. Finicky skin sufferers may now have a fighter in their corner. Welcome Yes To Cotton, we’ve been expecting you.


Yes To Cotton delivers the gentle softness of cotton in an entire line of makeup removing, moisturizing, cleansing, and comforting skincare products that are specifically made for ultra-sensitive, allergy prone skin types. These products aim to minimize irritation, soothe, protect, and replenish using 95% – 98% natural ingredients and an ultra-gentle formulation. While many other soaps and cleansers may be too abrasive for sensitive skin types, Yes To Cotton products are mild and light. Yes, cleansing, makeup removing, and light. There is such a thing.


Cotton, the same soft, comforting, and familiar little bloom that once helped line your crib and now makes up your favorite yoga pants, is making a comeback. Cotton extract and cottonseed oil are now quickly gaining popularity for their ability to soothe and condition ailing skin, so much so that the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Guide, which rates products and ingredients on their hazard levels, rates both cottonseed extract and cottonseed oil at a level 1 – the safest rating given. Products with too many harsh chemicals or aggressive, potentially hazardous ingredients can further aggravate delicate skin so cotton is a natural fit for those needing some extra special care.

We decided to give these new trendy wipes, makeup removers, cleansers, and moisturizers a whirl so you don’t have to (but let’s just say, you should!). After a long day and a face full of makeup, Yes To Cotton Micellar Cleansing water was able to sweep away any remnants of makeup on the face. With a few pumps of this unsuspecting water on a fluffy cotton ball our skin felt refreshed and clean. For stubborn, stuck on mascara, the eye makeup remover pads were able to lift and remove thick black mascara sans raccoon eyes afterward. Other pads require quite a bit of rubbing, which is where irritation can start, but not these. In a few rubs the makeup was gone. The facial wipes are a great post-gym pick-me-up while the comforting paper mask is a great option when you have some extra time on your hands. The entire line really packs a punch, a rather soft punch, but one none the less.


From one sensitive skin sista to another, give your face a break and try Yes To Cotton.