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School of Two Knocks

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Oct 19, 2015

Knock_copyBy Andy Stone

We love nothing more than a simple innovation that has the power to disrupt an entire industry. And so we’re over the moon for Knock Knock, the simple phone app that uses two knocks to your phone’s face as a total replacement for the business card. Invested in by boldfacers like Will.i.am, Sophia Bush, and even Sir William Branson (in his first non-Virgin endeavor), Knock Knock allows you to disseminate your contact info (social media accounts, emails, numbers, etc.) to all of those in your immediate vicinity.

Think of all the possibilities—you’re at a bar, and you’re wondering if that guy is really staring at you? Give him a knock. At the gym and don’t have time to swap info? Knock away. You can tailor who gets what, or simply reply to none and go about your day. It’s simple, it’s going to be really big in the near future, and we are jazzed.