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Seven Habits Stylish Women Never Break

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 16, 2021
Seven Habits Stylish Women Never Break

It’s true what they say, old habits die hard, and that includes habits of all your fashionable friends who you look at with envy day after day.

Why is it that you co-worker can come to work every morning with a full face of makeup, and a shirt free of coffee stains while you were rushing through the door holding your jacket in one hand and your shoes in the next? There’s no secret formula to a well put-together lady, but there is something they all have in common: they’re well prepared.

Being stylish has now become a lifestyle. A lifestyle that anyone can enjoy by following a few simple tips.

  • Keep your closet organized

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as a “clean mess.” Do yourself a favor and put any item of clothing you moved back in its rightful place. The few extra seconds it will take will save you major time when looking for that top you think will go perfectly with your new pair of jeans.

  • Plan ahead

I can attest to just how much this actually works. I actually plan all my outfits for the entire work week on the weekends. Call me crazy, but not only will this save you time in the morning, but it also ensures that you look much more put-together as opposed to the person who simply grabs the first thing they see peeking out their closet.

  • Wake up earlier

Don’t panic; a few extra minutes goes a long way. Rather than hitting the snooze button for an additional ten minutes, try jumping up with the sound of your first alarm and starting your day the right way. Those few extra minutes can come in handy when you want to tame your hair or wing your eyeliner just for some added fun.

  • Choose the right undergarments

Just in case you missed the memo, exposed bra straps and visible panty lines are not just cute. The wrong undergarments will be a major distraction to those around you, taking the focus off what could really be a noteworthy outfit. It also devalues the classiness of your entire look.

  • Get Inspired by other stylish women

If you aren’t subscribed to any fashion bloggers or don’t have a few Instagram style accounts at your disposal, you’re doing it wrong. You may be in total awe of your favorite style icon, but the truth is, they got their inspiration from somewhere else too. Don’t be afraid to look to others for ideas. You can still create a look that’s unique to you with a few bits and pieces from someone else’s closet.

  • Dress for the weather and occasion

Don’t be the girl walking through the rain in flip-flops, or the one tugging shamelessly at her mini-skirt at the church function. The most stylish women always check the weather as well as the type of function their attending. There’s a time and place for everything and by being in tune with your surroundings, you’ll always be dressed appropriately.

  • Mix and Match

You don’t have to be making six figures to dress like you are. The reason some women are able to pull off jeans and white tee so well is partially due to the fit, but mostly due to how they accessorize the simple look. Try mixing lower-end with higher-end items to make each outfit you wear stand out. Whether it’s a statement necklace, leather belt, or oversized handbag, the perfect accessory will instantly make you look glam.

Which habit do you already practice? We’d love to know!

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