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Shark Sauce

By Julie Fink
Posted On Jun 16, 2016
Shark Sauce

Relax! There were no great whites harmed in the making of this product. However, a lot of relentless shark-like determination went into the making of it and so far, it has taken a bite out of the beauty industry. This homemade face serum is making huge waves across the Internet.

Chel Cortes, a busy house mom, took her love for DIY skincare and scientific training to create Shark sauce. At the time, she worked at an environmental lab, testing water quality. Shark sauce is a face serum that provides simple formulations, powerful ingredients, and most of all, transparency. The label (which includes a shark, obvi) also clearly states a listing of all active ingredient percentages.

There are three main ingredients (again, involve no sharks whatsoever), include a mixture of niacinamide (a form of B3 demonstrated to help skin elasticity and fade discolorations), licorice root (to fade dark spots), and sea kelp bioferment (a moisturizer and acne fighter).

Racked initially reported on the product saying “She captured what people wanted but companies rarely provided… instead of another overpriced serum with filler ingredients and a drop of retinol.”

It’s simple, almost elementary, packing focuses less on the look of the bottle and more on the product itself.

A photo posted by @jeany_why on

“This magic potion delivered me from skin sin and exalted my ass straight to skin nirvana,” wrote Coco Park, an esthetician and co-author of Korean Beauty Secrets.

Asian-skincare blogger, Jude Chao, is also Cortes’ partner in crime and did the first initial testing on Shark Sauce. She reported:

Shark Sauce review
This is a before and after picture taken in ONE WEEK from beauty blogger on Holysnails.com.

“I use [the product] in isolation for a couple of weeks to see if it’s doing anything. The immediate effects of it were very soothing,” said Chao. “You can tell when I don’t use it: my skin feels different, and it looks a little more dead.” Spending her twenties tanning left her with freckles and sunspots, but, “those things were going away so fast. Nothing else I used put that much of a dent, and this stuff was doing it in the first month. I’d wake up and have patches of them gone.”

Shark Sauce is spreading across the beauty blogosphere like wildfire and today Cortes has quit her job at the lab and is trying to keep up with the demand.

I have to hand it to her for the spunky branding name “Shark Sauce” which is Chao’s Reddit name. Sharks are badass and so are women entrepreneurs who toil away at their dreams, in a lab, into the wee hours of the night, until they’re realized.

If you are feeling a little saucy and want to give it a try, head to www.holysnailsshop.com. 

Source: Racked