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Sharon Shares Her Hot Bod Secrets

By Julie Fink
Posted On Nov 04, 2015
Sharon Shares Her Hot Bod Secrets

Famous actress Sharon Stone graces the late night stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night, where she received a surprise flattering praise from host Jimmy Kimmel. He couldn’t help but to point out how amazing she looked when she posed nude for Harper’s Bazaar back in August.

“Do you ever look in the mirror and go, ‘Wow, thank you, Jesus?” he asked after pulling out a copy of the magazine and opening it to her pictures.

The 57-year old was flattered, as she should be, looking more like 37!

New You hones in on Stone’s impressive confidence and shares her tips on embracing a healthy body image attitude.

“I don’t have that inappropriate relationship with food where I fee like I can and can’t have things. This is why I don’t have issues. I just eat what makes me feel well. I don’t overeat or eat what makes me feel bad about myself.”

Stone goes on to say, “I think when you have a neurotic relationship with anything, it’s just going to bite you in your ass. Some people are like “Oh my God, I don’t eat meat. I just eat vegetables and fish!” If I just ate fish, I’d feel like I was starving to death, so I eat what makes me feel good.”

She also contributes the practice of being a Buddhist to her relenting mind/body balance.

“I find that when you get still with yourself, you know just about anything you need to know. It takes quite a bit of discipline, and when you can get to that firm stance of stillness, people can’t really mess with you.”

With a career that spans over 30 years including a Golden Globe and an Emmy, Stone’s impenetrable strength and sophistication knows no bounds. She tells New You, “I can say this: I can hear my own thoughts and I can hear my own joy. I know that when things aren’t going well for me for a few days, I have to say to myself, “I need to recommit to my happiness.”

There is no doubt that this graceful woman, from the inside and out, has put in a life time of hard work, both on-screen and off. We applaud you Ms. Stone!