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SheaTerra Organics Moroccan Mud-Tox – Menthe Tea Vanilla Body Cleanse

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 08, 2014

All the luxury and benefits of a mud bath in the comfort of your own home.

 If your skin has ever felt clogged, rough or not as vibrant as it should you’re probably in need of more than just a typical body wash or soap. In the winter months our skin is depleted of moisture and doesn’t possess the same exuberance as it does the rest of the year. This year I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a wonderful solution to cleanse and detox my unsightly winter skin; SheaTerra Organics Moroccan Mud-Tox–Menthe Tea Vanilla Body Cleanse. This luxurious formula comes in powder form and is easy to use at home. Just mix a few spoonful’s with water to achieve a muddy, paste-like consistency. Slather it all over your body or specifically where your skin needs it most. Wait 5-10 luxurious minutes while the formula seeps deep into your skin and dries. Wash it off when you feel your skin has sufficiently reaped the benefits of 100% natural SheaTerra Organics Moroccan Mud-Tox – Menthe Tea Vanilla Body Cleanse.


To Purchase Visit: sheaterraorgancs.com

-Bianca Pastor; Spontaneous and outgoing, seeking an end to my perpetually oily skin