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Simple Steps for the Perfect Cheek Contour

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On Apr 18, 2016
Simple Steps for the Perfect Cheek Contour

There’s no question that your genetic code plays a major role in your cheekbones’ structure, shape, and prominence. However, contouring has become every makeup maven’s go-to source to reframe these crucial facial features from slender and sleek to prominent, high cheeks. Although the A-list all-star treatment is quite possibly every woman’s dream, many of us do not live in the lap of luxury to spend hours and major coins achieving the look of flawless, perfectly contoured cheekbones. With this being said, we have the perfect solutions to help your contouring cosmetic needs! If you are ready to SLAY with chiseled cheekbones, then grab your makeup essentials and let’s get cute together in four easy steps!

It’s go time: The key to choosing an amazing bronzer is finding one that is darker than your complexion but encompasses a warm tone to it, not to mention a creamy bronzer is always better! The next step is fairly simple, draw a thin line right below the brow bone that begins at the center of the earlobe. Continuing to the inside of your face and stopping immediately at the end of your cheekbone.

A little blush goes a long way: Placing the blush right above the bronzer line directly on the cheekbones, followed by a little blending with either a brush or your finger until there are no more visible marks or lines.

You’re almost there: Just apply a hint of foundation below the contour and blend even more into the soles of each cheekbone. This helps give the illusion of a more defined and well-sculpted bone structure.

The finale: Strategically adding a highlighter above the blush but a tad bit below your temples is critical to the overall process because it bridges all of the other elements together. As an added bonus, during this step always blend with your fingers instead of a brush for a more natural appeal.

Now, you’re ready for world domination. Throw on some oversized shades with your fave pair of heels and get ready to turn heads.