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Posted On Sep 29, 2021

By. Robyn Newmark (The Hollywood Beauty Guru) @getnewmarkbeauty

Every one loves an overnight success and Jessica Cooley CEO and Founder of the Skin Wand Pro is one of them! It started as a simple agreement early on between her and husband Scott Cooley who is a Chief in the Air-force and former Command Chief of Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina.

Jessica Cooley CEO and Founder of the Skin Wand Pro

As any good man Chief Master Sgt. Scott Cooley agreed that he would provide for the household and Jessica would stay home with kids and not have to worry about a thing. Then when he was eligible for retirement she would become the bread winner. 

With only 5 years till Scott’s retirement Jessica decides to follow her life long passion of being a beauty professional. She went back to school and got her esthetician’s license and opened up her own spa called Layers Skin Journey in Lexington, South Carolina. Jessica says, ”When I received my licenses, I hit the ground running and made sure I surrounded myself with like minded people. The businesses I’ve created come from a place of passion and drive. So Going Big was the only option, failure was not!”

“Going big was the only option, failure was not!” 

– Jessica Cooley

In 3 short years (which included a pandemic year) Cooley became a 5 time finalist and winner of the Spirit Award for The International Skin Games. Started a blog for military spouses. Started her own comfort apparel line, and now the Founder and CEO of Skin Wand Pro Inc. 

Skin Wand Pro was was born during the 2021 Covid19 Shutdown. After weeks at home with no end in site Jessica wanted to find a way to service her spa clients at home but still provide them a high quality service that was safe and effective. From this, Skin Wand Pro was born! Skin wand Pro is a small “nano-brasion” device that can be used at home to help boost the results of quality skincare. In only a short time on the market it has already been featured in lifestyle and fashion magazines like LaPalme and Mr. Warburton and a favorite among celebrity beauty gurus. 

The Skin Wand Pro uses a small disposable microchip with  a “nano-brasion” tip of 0.15 nm that you rub in circular motions along the skin. It can be used bi weekly to resurface the skin   and assist with penetration of other products. It’s absolutely perfect for targeting areas of dry skin or even hyper-pigmentation.  

Skin Wand Pro allows for deep exfoliation which will help with cell turnover and lighten and brighten the complexion of the skin. It also uses a simple USB charging mechanism. Skin Wand Pro also provides a Vitamin C Brightening Serum. The fast-absorbing serum revives and hydrates the skin in order to promote a healthy glow and bright skin. 

The 24 karate Gold Lift serum is loaded with 6 peptides and infused with collagen to get fine lines and wrinkles plumped up!

Skin Wand Pro is also available to beauty professionals at wholesale. “ I wanted other estheticians to have the same opportunity I did, so they can reach their clients at home and still make money! Its an amazing item for spas to stock on their retail shelves. “ said Cooley.   

After using the Skin Wand Pro myself I find it very helpful to exfoliate the dry skin around my lips and to remove flakiness. It’s also a life saver when your skin is dry and you need a little extra help removing dead skin. Paired with a quality cleanser it helps exfoliate flaky skin so hydration products and serums can penetrate even deeper. Leaving your skin feeling completely buffed.

Jessica Says, “ I never could have imagined when I started that this is what would transpire! To any one out there who thinks that they are to old to start something or to inexperienced is just selling themselves short. Sometimes you just have to go for it! 

I also want to encourage military wives and families to think outside the box and know we can be entrepreneurs and brand builders too!”

For more on Jessica Cooley you can reach her at [email protected] 

or to purchase your own Skin Wand Pro go to skinwandpro.com