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Are You Someone’s Muse?

By Diana Dias
Posted On Sep 18, 2013

Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse

The simple pleasures created by scents are created by the memories they remind us of, the positive thoughts they invoke and the all around good feeling we get as a result.  The smell of coffee reminds me of the start of a new day, the aroma of candles makes me feel relaxed, and the scent of popcorn triggers the urge to curl up and watch the “Devil Wears Prada” (for the hundredth time). Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse scent, created by Harry Fremont, reminded me of a night out that meets every expectation.

The ingredients are comprised of Exotic Mandarin, Jasmine Sambac, Fresh Lily, Amber Wood, Soft Musk and Madagascar Vanilla. I spritzed the scent before heading out for a night with the ladies, and I was not surprised by the repeated question, “What perfume are you wearing?”

Modern Muse is the perfect scent because it stands out, but does not overpower a room. Because I suffer from allergies, I am not looking for a scent that is shocking to the senses. The Patchouli essences wrapped in creaminess of Madagascar Vanilla provides a scent of Amber Wood and soft Musk, which I love!

-Diana Dias; Cruzan Native, desperately seeking a naturally fuller head of hair