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Meet Celebrity Hair Stylist Fashion Hendricks

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On Jun 10, 2016
Meet Celebrity Hair Stylist Fashion Hendricks


There are two kinds of fashionistas: those who are devoted followers of fashion and those who are devoted followers of celebrity hairstylist Fashion Hendricks.

Featured on TV shows such as Jerseylicious, Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns, and The Wendy Williams Show, Fashion’s success story starts at the age of 16. As a young girl, she began installing weaves and styling hair, later earning the nickname “Weaveologist”.

She’s had the pleasure to train with Kylie Jenner’s wig maker Tokyo Stylez and has “slayed” the heads of numerous artists such as Ciara, Busta Rhymes, Wale, and Rasheeda The Boss Chick.

New You had the honor to chat with the talented beauty guru about her inspiring journey, this summer’s beauty trends, and her thoughts on Kylie’s wigs!


Fashion Hendricks


New You: Tell us about your journey as a celebrity hairstylist.


Fashion Hendricks: I started installing weaves and styling hair at a very young age, 16 to be exact. As soon as I finished high school, I went straight to Beauty School. Once I finished, I opened my own hair salon called “Miracles” in Albany, New York. The salon was very popular but after five years the owner sold the building. It was because I was still very young. It was difficult to find another location that would rent to me.

I moved on to booth rental at other salons and built a large following of very loyal clients that still visit me for styling today. My booth rental years is where the celebrity styling came into play by working on the sets of top selling music artist. Ciara was my first with her debut hit “Goodies”. She was very sweet and humble for her new success. After working on numerous video sets and styling artists like Busta Rhymes, Wale, and Rasheeda The Boss Chick, I quickly found out that celebrity hair styling was not for me. The pay was slow arriving in the mail (music labels paid you) and the 24 hours sets were grueling. I really did not get any joy out of it.

During this time I was living in Atlanta and I really wanted to bring my skills to the everyday woman who wanted to look like stars. I worked for one year in a very new conceptual salon that specialized in weaves only, and this is where I fell in love with working with extensions and weft hair. When I moved to NYC in 2011, I opened my own salon with zero clients. I was nervous about how I was going to survive in a city that had so many options for women to get their hair done. In NYC, there are two salons in every block, but the knowledge I had coupled with self-taught skills has given me a very successful business called NYC Weave Studio. I’m booked out for months at a time with clients that visit from Germany, UK, and the Caribbean.  I am very humbled by the whole experience and love every day I step into my studio.


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NY: What led you to this career choice?
  FH: I always say the beauty industry picked me. As a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian but after playing around with a friend’s hair and duplicating a style made popular by rap group “Salt and Peppa”, everyone loved what I created. Others asked me to do the same to them. I turned that into a side hustle and then a career. The passion from the beauty business came from making others happy. Sometimes a new hair style will change someone’s life, and they would cry and hug me. I love being able to affect someone’s life in a positive way.
  NY: What are the top five beauty trends this summer?  
  FH: The top five beauty trends for this summer are:

  • Lobs, meaning a longer bob

  • Natural looking highlights like balayage

  • Deep side parts, the deeper the more you are on trend.

  • Using braids as hair accents.

  • Embrace your natural curls. Make sure you keep products handy to define them.



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NY: Are you a fan of Kylie Jenner and her wigs?


FH: Yes! I am a fan of Kylie Jenner and her lace front wigs. I’ve actually trained with her wig maker Tokyo Stylez. Her clip in extensions line is very different from the wigs that she wears. But those I am not a fan of.


NY: What are some best practices while wearing wigs?


FH: While wearing wigs make sure to take care of your own hair and scalp by preparing your hair with a braid down pattern that will not be damaging. I call this an “edge protective” braid down.


NY: What’s that?


FH: Braiding the hair in the same direction in which your hair grows. While wearing wigs, do not use glues or adhesive tape on the edges of your hairline. There are other ways to attach a wig other than using glue. Gels, sewing or a stretch band can be used and are not damaging to the hair if applied correctly.



NY: Braided hair styles are very trendy this season. What are some of your favorite protective hair styles that we should try this summer?


FH: Two larger braids that start in the front and move toward the back with middle parting is very popular right now. Some say the Kardashians made the style popular, but it’s a style that has been around for many generations. I would say the Kardashians did make it mainstream. Poetic Justice braids are also popular. That is long chunky braids. It’s the braided style Janet Jackson wore in the movie Poetic Justice.  Instant locs or dreads are also a trend. This is when a kinky textured hair extension is wrapped around your own, creating a loc type of style.


Hendricks’ true passion is making others feel amazing about the way they look. Follow her on her social media outlets for hair inspiration or to schedule your next life changing hair appointment.


Facebook:  Fashion Hendricks

Twitter: @nycweavestudio

Instagram: @fashoin_hendricks