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Summer Beauty Hacks

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Jul 12, 2021
Summer Beauty Hacks

Summer’s intense heat requires modifications to our daily beauty routine in order to prevent runny makeup and to tame frizzy manes. This can be quite vexing.

On the bright side, girl code dictates that all beauty secrets be shared; so here are some beauty hacks to banish those warm weather beauty blues.


  1. Melting makeup

Summer’s high temperatures mean that by noon our perfectly applied makeup will be dripping like wax from a candle. The fix? A spritz of a makeup setting spray over your face will melt-proof your makeup for the whole day.


  1. Racoon Eyes

Halloween is the one and only time this look is permissible (if even). With that being said, use eye primer to prevent eye shadow and eyeliner from melting off.


  1. Cakey Foundation

Heavy foundation for summer can make for a cakey look and when mixed with sweat makes the perfect combination for blemishes! Opt for a lighter weight product like a tinted moisturizer.


  1. Flat, Sweaty Hair

Apply dry shampoo to roots before heading to bed to allow it time to work its magic. The tossing and turning at night will help distribute the dry shampoo throughout your hair giving you mesmerizing voluminous locks in the morning.


  1. Frizzy Strands

Summer’s heat and humidity can wreak havoc on hair, but luckily, a tiny dab of coconut oil on our tresses can calm the storm.


  1. Chub Rub


Skirts and dresses are summer staples. The downside? Thigh chafing tears by the end of the day. To prevent this “ow” moment, apply a little bit of clear deodorant between thighs.


  1. Bleeding Lipstick

Keep lipstick on your lips by applying concealer around the edges of your lips before applying lipstick. The lining around your lips will keep your color in check.