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SunKissed (Not Scorched!)

By Eliza Drewa
Posted On Jun 21, 2010
In the quest for the perfect tan, the stars light the way—not the sun

Words Eliza Drewa
Photography Alain Green

Ahh, the paradox of tanning—it hides the flaws (veins, cellulite), but it ages the skin and can cause cancer. Enter, the sunless tan. The concept is great, but the result? Not always. While a lesser quality product or a less-than-tidy application could leave you with telltale streaks or discoloration, there is a professional solution gaining in popularity: The airbrushed tan.

Thanks to high-profile shows like Dancing With the Stars, which doesn’t hide the fact that the show’s cast gets their golden glows from a spray gun, the demand for professional sunless tanning options has seen tremendous growth. A little cash and about an hour and you’ve taken a smart shortcut to that so-called “healthy”-looking tan we all covet.

According to the airbrush experts, getting a great result is one part technology and one part skilled technician. “It’s all in the details,” explains Elena, an airbrush pro at Splurge Studios, a Miami-based tanning salon.

“The Fantasy Tan system we use lets us customize color and avoid the orange, streaks and color flakes that no one wants.”

Not sure what color’s right for you? Elena asks: “Do you want to look like Britney Spears, J Lo, or Jada?” Talk about getting your quick, albeit temporary, celebrity glow on!

Beyond the full body tan for the sandy shores vacationer from the great white north, the airbrush tan also can be used for skin “detailing.” Whether you’re looking for an instant six-pack or for a solution to those embarrassing tan lines, airbrush technicians can do this kind of work with a smaller-sized spray gun.
You can expect results to last about 7 to 10 days.

The bottom line? Whether it’s a tan from a bottle or a high-tech tool, a broad-spectrum SPF or a wide-brimmed hat—it’s never too late to prevent damage.


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